Top 10 Reasons to use EntityFieldQuery

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Coding and Development

Drupal 7 introduced a great class, EntityFieldQuery (EFQ), to easily grab information from entities that was not available in Drupal 6.

This session will explore why you should be already using EFQ in your development practices. We'll also review how to use it and explore it's relationship with Drupal view modes and block entities (Beans).

This session will also explore comparisons with Views, and how EFQ should replace some of the common development practices using Views as a query tool.

EFQ Top Ten

  1. Core
  2. Well Documented
  3. Simple
  4. Consumable
  5. Object-Oriented
  6. Extensible
  7. Alterable
  8. Exception Handling
  9. View Modes
  10. Beans

Download the Top 10 Reasons to Use EFQ slides

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18 May 10:30 - 11:30