Speed Up Site Configuration with Install Profiles

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Coding and Development

Install Profiles allow you to create a custom install process. Combined with ash_make or a distribution, the install profile can be a powerful tool to get a new Drupal site up and running fast. If you build a lot of Drupal sites with similar features, Install Profiles can be a life saver. At the least, installing Views, the WYSIWYG module, and a couple other utilities can be a major help in getting your site up and running fast. Install Profiles can do this and even do some basic configuration you do every time you install a site. In this session, we will take a look at what an Install Profile is. We will go through Drupal 7's standard Install Profile code and see how it works. Then we will take a look at a more involved Install Profiles that install and configure contributed modules automatically. If time allows, we may even look at an Install Profile that adds some basic content, creates a couple blocks, and does some other zany things.

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18 May 13:15 - 14:15