The Incredible Form API

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Coding and Development

"Incredible", okay maybe not, but it is convenient, secure, predictable and incredibly useful if you know where to start. As an administrator almost all of your interaction with Drupal happens via forms. Adding content, creating users, building views, and configuring basic settings. Chances are the page you're reading this on right now has at least one form on it, and you it's probably a safe bet that you filled out and submitted at least one form in the process of finding the description of this session. Forms are arguably the most important part of a Content Management System.

So it's important that as a developer you understand how they work, how Drupal expects them to work, and the tools the Drupal provides you in order to make it easier to build, validate and process forms for collecting user input in a secure and efficient manner. Collectively reffered to as the Form API. This session will walk through the complete life cycle of a standard Drupal form from the fingertips of the developer, to the end user's browser and back to the Drupal for error checking and processing.

 Questions answered by this session: 

  • What is the Form API and how does it relate to Drupal's Render API?
  • What is the complete processing workflow of a form in Drupal?
  • How can I create my own forms and leverage Drupal's tools to make it easier to do things that seem complex?
  • When will the Form API step on my feet and make me want to tear my own hair out?
  • How can use the Form API to encapsulate complex form elements into reusable elements?


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19 May 10:30 - 11:30