Deploying Drupal with Git, Drush Make and Capistrano

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Coding and Development

A seemingly innocuous migration from Subversion to Git for our source code control system lead us to a complete rethinking our Drupal deployment methodology.  What emerged from this effort is a tool chain that cleanly separates distinct deployment tasks among GitDrush Make and Capistrano and results in "deployable" Drupal installations.  As a result, our projects are more easily shared and collaborated upon by staff members; more transparent and easier to understand; more easily configured by environment (production, staging and development); more testable; and more consistent in terms of "best practices."

The particulars of this process are still in a state somewhere just beyond "experimental" with many details still to be worked out, but it does offer one potential path for deploying Drupal, one which may be significantly customized to meet your own needs.

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18 May 13:15 - 14:15