Keynote by Jen Lampton (Gorton Studios Room)


Contributing to Drupal requires no qualifications. Contributing to Drupal core is no different. All that's required is knowing what's going on, having some feelings about it, and being able to do something to change it. Come hear about what will change in Drupal 8, and how it will affect you in your daily Drupal lives. 

Learn about Jen's personal voyage from being a worried Drupal developer who didn't like the looks of Drupal 7, to becoming one of the driving forces behind the effort to create a new a theme layer in Drupal 8.  Changing the future is easier than you might think!

About Jen Lampton

Jen is currently a senior Drupal developer at Chapter Three in San Francisco, California. She has been building websites with Drupal since 2006, and is an active contributor to the Drupal project. Jen is very noisy in the issue queues and IRC, maintains several of her own modules, and is now a member of the Drupal core usability team. Jen is a huge advocate of the open-source community, and has been organizing the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) since 2007, and helped organize DrupalCon San Francisco in 2010.

Recently, Jen has been focused on improving usability and learnability in Drupal core. After spending the better part of two years writing curriculum and attempting to teach people how to work with Drupal, she decided that the problem is not a lack of documentation, but instead that Drupal is not intuitive enough, or consistent in its implementation. A huge part of her struggle to make Drupal "make more sense" to people includes an initiative she's leading with many others, to replace the theme layer in Drupal 8 with something better.

Time slot: 
19 May 09:00 - 10:15