Interview with Platinum Sponsor The Nerdery

We sat down with one of the new Platinum sponsors for 2012, The Nerdery.  Mark Malmberg tells us what it's like to be a 'Nerd". 


The Nerdery

The Nerdery sounds pretty nerdy, is it? 

Yes, in abundance. At The Nerdery, our 24 Drupal Nerds rub shoulders with our army of 300+ Nerds of other technical disciplines – so we can open up larger toolboxes than most other development companies in the galaxy. We’ve developed Drupal projects for government agencies, educational institutions, and companies of all shapes and sizes. Our Drupal Nerds are great at creating Drupal sites with unique (they prefer bad-ass) themes, and we know the ins and outs of designing for Drupal vs. adapting Drupal to your design. Our UX team is skilled at helping clients and developers begin Drupal projects with a well-realized end in mind. 

Why are you sponsoring DrupalCamp Twin Cities?

We love camping – the great outdoors, eating s’mores … what? It’s not that kind of camp? Well then, we also love supporting the development community in any way we can. These are our people. 

Are Nerdery devs sensitive about being called Nerds?

Nope, Nerd is the new cool, and The Nerdery aspires to be the best place in the world for web pros to work and play. The Nerdery has ranked #1 on Biz Journal's Best Places to Work list two years in a row – and anyone interested in helping us three-peat is urged to apply at