Interview with Platinum Sponsor, Electric Citizen

Electric Citizen is a new Drupal shop in the Twin Cities, but not new to Drupal and the Twin Cities community. 

1. Tell us about Electric Citizen. Who are you and what do you do?

Electric Citizen is a new design, development, and consulting firm based in Minneapolis. We specialize in Drupal-based solutions, and have more than 32 years of combined experience working for amazing clients–ranging from the St. Paul Public Libraries and the Minnesota Children's Museum to IBM and Mayo Clinic.  

Our company is the result of a partnership between Tim Broeker and Dan Moriarty, two long-time members of the Twin Cities web community. Tim has been developing websites locally since 1994, most recently as the founder of Electric Jet Interactive LLC. He has focused on Drupal development for almost 6 years, and prior to that was a founding member of the core Joomla development team. Dan has been working on websites since 1998, designing and developing as Dan Moriarty Design since 2000.

As before, we continue to focus on web and mobile solutions that solve complex, real-world problems for our clients. We have great things in store, and we're looking forward to meeting clients new and old at DrupalCamp Twin Cities!

2. Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities 2012?

We love Drupal. We are active members of the local Drupal community, and all its various meetups, and look forward every year to attending the North American DrupalCon. Dan has been involved in the Twin Cities Drupal Camp the past 2 years, working on the planning committee, and designing the website, signage, badges and other materials. We feel it’s important to give back to the Drupal community, which has given us so much. Drupal is something we rely on in everything we do.

3. What does the name "Electric Citizen" mean?

We frequently work with non-profits, cities, governments and the like, so we felt the name matched well with our clients, and our mission to do good things in the world. We really like the ideas associated with the word citizen, and how it ties in with who we are and what we do. We think of a citizen as an active participant in society–someone who carries both the power of an individual and the responsibility as a member of the community. In a sense, we are all "Electric Citizens," and our goal is to empower our clients and the people they serve with the right tools and technology.