Interview with Platinum Sponsor August Ash

August Ash

We welcome August Ash as a returning sponsor for DrupalCamp Twin Cities 2012. Looking forward to seeing many of their team at the event. 

Who is August Ash? What do you do?

Great question. We’re a Bloomington, MN-based web development and Internet marketing firm. Our core services combine clean, elegant design and developing with strategic Internet marketing and SEO. The word of mouth we’ve earned steadily over the past 13+ years has been very kind to us, and we now serve a client base of around 300 businesses and nonprofits. The name recognition and referrals have also led to a staff of 25 of the smartest, most fun people you’ll meet anywhere on the planet.

Why are you supporting DrupalCamp Twin Cities 2012?

As a web development company, we’ve been supporting Drupal for years. Through our blogging, customer interactions, and business decisions, we’ve been a significant advocate for the platform for quite some time. Supporting our local DrupalCamp just seemed like a natural extension of our commitment to the Drupal community—we love these people.

In fact if you haven’t run into one of our developers or programmers at a recent event, keep your eyes open; you probably will. A bunch of us from AAI were just at DrupalCon in Denver. Being closely involved in this community helps us more effectively tell our customers about the benefits of this outstanding resource.

You sound pretty excited about Drupal? Is that normal for you?

Completely. We’re not a one size fits all kind of web design shop. Our goal is to focus on a few really good offerings, and determine for each customer if we’re the right fit for them. And because Drupal is so powerful, we’re able to be that perfect fit for a lot of customers. We probably wouldn’t be here or sponsoring if we didn’t feel 100% confident in this platform and the community behind it.

By the way, we mentioned that our staff is made up of 25 incredibly smart and fun-to-work-with people. But we’re not done growing; and we believe there’s another Drupal programmer out there just waiting to complete us. If you’re that person (or know that person), we want to introduce you to the rest of our team. Let us know.