Interview with Gold Sponsor Palantir

PalantirPalantir is a long-standing and well-respected member of the Drupal Community. We are thankful for their support and contribution to DrupalCamp Twin Cities 2012.

Tell us about Palantir and your relationship to Drupal is a full-service Web design, development, and strategy firm that specializes in providing top-tier solutions for corporate, educational, cultural, and nonprofit clients.  We're very involved in the Drupal project and community.  Our team includes a number of Drupal core developers, authors, and maintainers of many widely-used contributed modules and themes, as well as members of the Drupal Association Board of Directors and Advisory Board.  

Why are you sponsoring DrupalCamp

We provide support and sponsorship for many DrupalCamps and other Drupal events throughout the year.  As a Chicago-based firm, we're also very invested in helping foster a strong and vibrant Drupal community here in the Midwest. One of the things we like about DrupalCamp Twin Cities in particular is that it will provide the opportunity for people to participate in sprints that will help improve Drupal and make it an even better solution.

What Drupal-related initatives is Palantir focusing on in 2012?

We've been doing a lot of work to help improve Drupal's user experience, both for site visitors and site administrators.  On the front-end, that means building responsive design Drupal sites that work just as well on mobile devices as they do on desktops using technologies such as Sass, Compass, and the Zen base theme.  

On the back end, we've been continuing to lead development on the Workbench suite of modules, which not only simplify and streamline the process of managing content, but also provide new ways to configure editorial access and workflow.

Many of the clients we work with are organizations with diverse Web properties maintained by many different content editors and contributors, not all of whom are familiar with Drupal.  By improving and refining the user's experience as we build sites in Drupal 7 and making sure these improvements are incorporated into Drupal 8, our goal is to  continue to make Drupal easier to work with for more people.