Interview with Gold Sponsor Acquia Dev Cloud

Acquia Dev CloudJeffrey A. "jam" McGuire of Acquia sat down with us to talk about how the Acquia Dev Cloud continues to revolutionize Drupal Hosting.  


Tell us about Acquia Dev Cloud. Who are you and what do you offer? 

Acquia Cloud is a platform-as-a-service specifically built for building and hosting Drupal sites, atop Amazon's EC2 Infrastructure. it's designed to be a highly efficient environment for developing, deploying, and operating Drupal sites. Dev Cloud is a product we built specifically for professional developers. It includes our optimized Development environment where we've built continuous integration best practices into the platform. Every environment deploys from version control – whether Git or SVN, there are separate development, staging, and production environments, and extensive automation of testing as you deploy across environments. We've received really great feedback from our customers on how much time our workflow and automation tools save them - so we're happy to take care of the "drudgery" of developing site so developers can focus on innovating and making great Drupal sites.

It's awesome to have Acquia's support for the second year in a row. Why are your sponsoring DrupalCamp Twin Cities again and how can our community help you?

We're very happy to support your event. Acquia's roots are in the Drupal project and giving back is in our DNA: from sponsoring community events around the world to developing our products in the Drupal issue queues. Helping keep the Drupal project healthy, growing, and successful is at the root of everything we do. Every Drupal experience should be a success: from your camp to the newest Drupal site online. As to how your community can help us? Help Drupal! Get out there and make more Drupal happen, learn more, evangelize more, have more fun!

Do you have any upcoming releases or news for Dev Cloud? 

Yes! Within the next few months, we'll be releasing a permanently free tier of Dev Cloud. The idea with the free tier is that it will have the almost all of the great tools - the workflow UI, deployment tools, cloud API, and cloud hooks - available on the development and staging environments. When you're ready to take the site live, you become a customer and can deploy to production. So developers can develop to their hearts content for free. This will be particularly exciting for anyone who has to produce a "proof of concept" for a potential customer; you'll be able to develop the POC without any cost. When you win the project, we win their business. Everybody wins! You can sign up here to be notified when it's available: