Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site Video Workshop

05/17/2012 - 8:00am - 4:30pm

Learn Drupal fundamentals fast using videos from The friendly team from Advantage Labs will help guide you through at your own pace.  

Workshop is free and limited to the first 70 people to register!


About the training

Mentored training is a radical departure from traditional workshops.  There's no lecture time, and you will spend your day building an example site by following videos at your own pace.  Experienced mentors are just a shout away, ready to answer your questions, work through sticky spots, or to help clarify new concepts.  Because you control the videos, you can work at your own speed, pausing where your need to, replaying material you don't get the first time around, or skipping material you're already familiar with. And instead of lecturing, the trainers will be free 100% of the time to help you through your questions and point you in the right direction.

This workshop is designed for new Drupal site builders.  If you have experience with a previous version of Drupal, this workshop will be a valuable opportunity to get up to speed with what's new in Drupal 7. All participants will get a full week of access to all of the training videos so you can continue to review and learn through DrupalCamp and beyond.

New to Drupal?

We will provide a tested curriculum where you will build a Drupal 7 site from scratch (no code required), learning the most important concepts and techniques for Drupal site-building.  You will get plenty of personal time and expert advice along the way.

What you need to participate

You must have a laptop and a set of comfortable earbuds or headphones. If you're easily distracted by noise, you might want a set that blocks out some sound, just in case there is a bit of discussion around you. Keep in mind that you will be watching sets of videos, and then applying what you learn throughout the day. You can also bring an iPad or tablet device to play the videos on while you follow along on your laptop. Having a vanilla Drupal installation without any modifications ready will help you get started as quickly as possible. You can use the Acquia stack, or Bitnami in order to quickly set up a Drupal site like a desktop application (see here for a tutorial for Windows or for Mac: Or, feel free to come with another stack you prefer. If you don't know what a stack is, don't worry about it, we'll help you out.


Build a is an extensive and ever-growing library of video tutorials for Drupal. It covers a broad range of topics aimed at both "site builders" (no coding) and developers. There are over 640 videos in the library, adding up to more than 53 hours of material. Chris Shattuck is the creator of Build a and the trainer in the video tutorials you will be working through at the workshop. He has recorded nearly 650 focused Drupal tutorials. He has also done extensive in-person Drupal training, including a full-day module building training at Drupalcon, and has spoken at numerous Drupal events. You can learn more about Chris at

Your workshop mentors

Advantage Labs
Advantage Labs is a Drupal strategy company with a team of open source enthusiasts who have been contributing Drupal developers since 2005. The Advantage Labs team supports site builders and community managers by providing the tools, the skills, and a deep knowledge of current best practices.  As veteran Drupal trainers, they will lead a team of Drupal experts who will be available throughout the day to work one-on-one with class participants.

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