Announcing DrupalCamp 2013

DrupalCamp 2013 website is live! 

Camp will be held July 18-21 at the Minneapolis campus of University of St. Thomas. We will start with a day of training on Thursday, July 18 followed by two days of intriguing sessions and speakers on Friday and Saturday. We'll close camp with a code sprint on Sunday, July 21. Every day features the great people in our Drupal community. Read more »

Thanks for a Great Camp!

Big thanks to all participants in the 2012 DrupalCamp Twin Cities! Thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, speakers and attendees who made for another great camp. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.

DrupalCamp Twin Cities 2012 kicks off!

Calling all Drupalistas! The 2012 Twin Cities Drupal Camp starts tomorrow! To help prepare we have a few house keeping announcements. If you have any questions regarding the camp please feel free to use the site's contact form. Read more »

Dive into the code at one of our sprints and help make Drupal better

There's nothing like sitting down and getting your hands dirty working on Drupal after spending two days waxing philisophical about the finer points of hook_form_alter() and HTML5. Join us at The Nerdery on Sunday, May 20th after the camp for a code sprint and get your hands dirty.

We've got a few options for you. Read more »

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